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See the Need

Rails app built to address the urgent need to connect relief centers with potential donors

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Web app that highlights the breath of skills acquired in DBC. enables would-be volunteers and tips people into volunteering by allowing them to search micro opportunities

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Wait and Eat

Web app that uses AngularJS, Twilio, Zappier and Firebase. It allows the hostess of a restaurant to add, remove and notify parties that their table is ready through a text message

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Elapser Gem

Ruby gem that provides ability to display a time lapse using the column created_at, that is added when using the timestamps macro in an Active Record migration

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Code for San Francisco

Managed and wrote HTML, CSS and JS for the National Day of Civic Hacking website


Movie Quote Trivia

Game that tests your knowledge of popular movie quotes

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Map-driven platform that shows the most attractive solar markets in the United States. A Ruby on Rails application that uses d3.js data visualization library to display high utility costs across the country and areas that receive high solar irradiance (solar power per unit area)

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I have a compelling drive to understand the way things work. I am action-oriented and like to be up and about doing things. I am loyal to my causes and beliefs and believe programming to be a canvas to express rational, logical and artistic problem solving.

Working in a trading desk for many years, I learned to work under stress and vast amounts of responsibility. Market fluctuations and intense atmosphere elevated my sense of expediency and grasp of details which enables quick, effective decisions.

Competitive equestrian show jumper for 10+ years and represented Mexico in multiple international events.